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The Wedding Date

Summer is here and so begins the usual round of wedding invites. You might yourself be about to tie the knot and celebrate your love. But spare a thought for those wedding guests who are not so lucky in love and all they will have to go through on your big day

To start with the usual searches begin, finding a wedding gift; picking a cafetiere that won’t be left on display alongside far grander and more expensive looking cafetieres from much more expensive shops. Finding something to wear; that three hour trek round the shops only to end up heading back and buying the first thing you saw in the first shop you went in. And then of course there is finding a date.

Weddings naturally are all about couples not just the new Mr & Mrs but all their married friends and families and while some singletons are more than happy to eschew the offer to bring a plus one, others worry for weeks about who they can take and how they can find someone who won’t get drunk and scream in delight when the DJ plays Come On Eileen. Or worse still, someone who is sober and screams in delight when the DJ plays Come On Eileen.

Which is the better of these two evils? On a day which will be filled with talk of romance and togetherness if music be the food of love is it better to have some overly keen date grab your hand and drag you towards the dancefloor to the opening chords of I Would Walk 500 Miles or having gone solo find a quiet corner and watch couples of all ages swaying clumsily to Lady In Red while wondering if you’re destined to be always a bridesmaid and never a bride (unless of course you’re a guy in which case that dress really won’t suit you).

Sooner or later at every wedding someone will ask you “Who have you come with?” and if we’re honest most of us want to be able to introduce our date or other half proudly to be met with a surprised raising of eyebrows and sly wink in a “Haven’t you done well” kind of way. The alternative being to admit you are on your own and despite happily being so your admission will be met with a knowing nod and sympathetic tilt of the head in a “Don’t worry, it’ll be your turn one day” kind of way.

The Fijians believe that the god Nangganangga (yes, that is a real god and no, we don’t know how to pronounce it either), who watches over married couples, will not let a bachelor enter Fijian paradise and will turn him to ash if he dies before he is married. Therefore if you have decided to throw a Fijian themed wedding (they’re all the rage this year) and the Best Man is still single he’d better hope there is an attractive bridesmaid present who is a big fan of the Proclaimers!

So while planning your wedding spare a thought for those single folk you’ll be inviting, many people meet their future wife or husband at a wedding. And perhaps one day some happy couple will be telling the story of how they met at your wedding. But there are those that will be arriving and leaving alone, they don’t want sympathy, they are probably doing so of their own volition. Equally they won’t want clumsy match-making and introductions to your second cousin’s newly single friend but save them one indignity that no wedding guest single or otherwise should have to go through… Don’t let the DJ play Lady In Red. No one should be forced to suffer that.

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