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How Romantic Is The Groom?

Are you a groom about to go through the most monumental (and indeed terrifying) day of your life? Or are you a bride preparing for the big day you have been dreaming of since you were a young girl dreaming of meeting her Prince Charming? For most couples this is the most romantic day of their lives and romance is the word that will be forefront of everyone’s minds. But exactly how romantic is your groom? It’s time to get him to take our test and see for yourselves.

What was the last thing you shared?
A) A sunset.
B) A romantic walk.
C) A 12” deep pan with extra cheese.

At Christmas you always...
A) Plan her present weeks in advance, you always try and surprise her with something she would never expect?
B) Play it safe, you want to get her something you know she’ll like rather than risk getting it wrong?
C) Find yourself out shopping on Christmas Eve with absolutely no idea what to get her but aware that the supermarket you’re in is about to close any minute?

Which of these did you last make your bride-to-be do?
A) Cry with happiness.
B) Cry with laughter.
C) Cry out in frustration.

You decide to cook your loved one a special dinner. Do you...
A) Get out the Jamie Oliver books, pick a recipe and practice before hand. It might be hassle but she’s worth it and you want it to be perfect?
B) Ask your mom for one of her recipes and then phone her every five minutes because you really don’t know what you’re doing but you want to get it right?
C) Dim the lights and flick through the take away menus?

What do you remember about the first time you met your fiancé?
A) The way she laughed and the first thing she said.
B) What she was wearing and how great her she looked in it.
C) You’d had more than a few drinks and if you’re totally honest the next morning you could barely remember your own name.

How did you propose?
A) Spent weeks planning something really special. She now tells the story every chance she gets.
B) Booked her favourite restaurant, had the ring delivered to your table then got down on one knee.
C) Passed out shortly afterwards and woke up with the mother of all hangovers.

You have a huge argument and the next day there’s a cloud hanging over you both. Even though you know you’re right and the argument wasn’t your fault you...
A) Buy her flowers, tell her you’re sorry and willingly take the blame if it means you can put it behind you.
B) Sit down and talk it through in a calm reasonable manner so that you can both get back to the important business of being in love.
C) Spend all night fuming and plotting your revenge.

She’s been hinting that you haven’t had a “romantic” night for awhile so you decide to surprise her. Do you...
A) Get home from work before her, light some candles, run her a bath, take her a glass of wine and then cook a romantic dinner?
B) Buy her flowers/chocolates/lingerie and suggest a special night out?
C) Come home from the pub early.

What was the last romantic thing you did for her?
A) Hid a romantic note at home somewhere you know she’d find it.
B) Bought her flowers for no reason other than the fact it will make her smile.
C) Not complain about doing the washing up.

How well do you know your fiancé?
A) You know her favourite flower?
B) You know her favourite band?
C) You know her take away order?

A = 3 points
B = 2 points
C = 1 point

Romantic Rating

1 - 10
Well the good news is no ones ever going to accuse you of being metro-sexual. The bad news is girls talk, and when your bride-to-be and her girlfriends get together and compare notes you’re not going to come out of it well. You’d better up your game quick!

11 - 20
Who’da thunk it? A vaguely reasonable score. You certainly don’t look the romantic type. Thankfully you’re not a completely lost cause and there’s still room for improvement. There’s no time like the present so why not surprise her today?

21 - 30
No wonder she said “yes”, you romantic devil you. You’re smoother than ice cream on a summers day. If the two girls in our office read your answers being the suckers for romance that they are they’d probably decide they want to snap you up for themselves. The trouble is so would Big Dave who despite usually spending his days at his desk dreaming up our bachelor party games, chewing on his chair and cutting his hair with his bowie knife is a surprisingly sentimental fool at heart. So run you crazy romantic and slightly effeminate fool, run.

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