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Interview With Sussex Wedding Photographer

Darius Sutherland created State Of Mind Photography in 2007 & Sussex Wedding Photography in 2010. He photographed a friend of the sites wedding which brought him to our attention and we just wanted to feature him.

darius sutherland wedding photographer

Darius was a Software Engineer for 10yrs and photography was his form of escapism into the creative world before turning pro in 2010.

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What made you turn professional?
Well. I was a software developer for 10 years, doing okay. Due to the recession the company I worked for at the time went bankrupt. 2 days before xmas and 2 days before pay day I might add. I had just come back from travelling for 9 months and I found it hard to get back into work. The motivation had gone, I think it was to do with role I was in at the time. I still enjoy programming but just not there. Anyway. It was my partner who encouraged me to give it a go. I didn't want to do wedding photography at the time, so I didn't. I didn't really know much about it, all I had seen was the standard IMO horrible posed pictures that just didn't inspire me. After discovering various styles, I thought this is what I like and realised you can be more creative in the wedding photography field.

Wedding Photographer Sussex

How would you describe your style?
I'm not sure I have a style. I think I'm still trying to find it. I study various other wedding photographers portfolios to see what I like. I think I am still experimenting with every wedding I do, trying to create a number of styles and amalgamate them into my own, with my own touch. I am just trying to be a little creative and produce something that is different to the run of the mill. Every wedding is different & every picture I process is different.

What advice do you have for people wishing to become wedding photographers?
I think it's early days for me to be giving advice, but if I had to; I would say, try and find your style or a style that sets you apart from the rest in your area. There are so many wedding photographers out there, but there aren't that many that make me go WOW. It's a tough game. Even if you have a great portfolio, you still have to get that portfolio seen. There is the business side behind the photography that plays a huge part and I am still learning and pushing that.

What is your business / wedding approach.
First thing is actually getting the business. Once I take a booking, I try to get the couple to meet me. They have to get on with me as I'm going to be with them for 8hrs of the day. I book them in and they generally don't here from me until a few days before the wedding ceremony. I give them a quick call, confirm details and have a quick chat with them. Then on the day I turn up and just mingle and try and blend into the background capturing all the right moments. I prefer to just get on with it but most weddings I have photographed, I have always been made to feel welcome and part of the day....Which is nice. After that. I cull any images from the day, during the day or later in post, select the ones I am going to keep and start processing. Sometimes the processing is quick, other times I am trying to carve out another style from the images, so I can sometimes work on one image for up to an hour.

wedding photographer - Darius Sutherland

Any bad experiences at a wedding?
Not at a wedding, but one time I got the images home, placed them in my card reader and something went horrible wrong. The card wasn't recognised in either my camera or the card reader. It was a bit of a panic I can tell you. Luckily. I have all the necessary hardware and software for such situations and managed to recover them. I have backups in every possible place I can think of.

What are your goals?
I'm fairly new to the business. I hope to be recognised at some point, even one of the top 10. We all have to aim for something. I am always pushing my work and my business. I think it's a matter of being seen, whether through word of mouth, search engines e.t.c. I spend a lot of time on the business side of things too, always seeing where or what I can push next.

Where do you want to be in 5 years?
5 years. Well. I hope to have a very successful business on my hands, stand out in my area and nationwide and maybe booking some destination weddings too. I'd love to be handling more bookings than I can take. Then I know I've succeded and people want me to capture thier wedding. That's a nice feeling, knowing somebody chose you because they like what you do.

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Well, that's it folks. We love many wedding photographers out there and Darius is another one that you should watch out for.

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