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Father Of The Bride

So your bank account is glowing red and the bank manager has sent you a lovely letter inviting you in for “a little chat”.

You’re having to pay for dinner for a ridiculously large amount of people, most of whom you’ve never met and will probably never ever see again. As well as a good number you would knowingly cross the street to avoid.

You are about to endure several weekends of dress and hat (?) shopping.

All the women in your life have gone completely crazy and likely to burst into tears at the slightest word from you, no matter how well intentioned.

And most things you do say (“Well I’ve had a word and the local scout hut is free for hire on that date and at quite a reasonable price!”) are largely ignored, shouted down or induce threats of being banished to the spare room for all eternity.

On top of all that you have to write a speech!

Congratulations! You are the Father of the Bride!

Relax. Everyone there is hoping for a great speech and willing you to do well, they are a friendly audience who are on your side, after all you just bought them all dinner. Mostly they are just hoping you won’t drag it out too long as the father’s speech is usually viewed as the longest and least interesting so if you throw in a few well aimed gags and keep it light then to balance out the important words you want to say to your daughter you’re already on to a winner.

Take a deep breath to steady yourself.

“Is There Anything I Have To Include?”

Introduce yourself at the top of your speech. Although as Father of the Bride you are the welcoming host not everyone will have met you or will know your name. It is traditional for the Father of the Bride to welcome everyone to the wedding and thank them for coming, in particular the Groom’s family. There are two important toasts to give, the first of which is to absent friends or relatives. There are two families present and there’s a chance not all the relatives will have been able to attend or there might be some important or well loved family members who might sadly have passed away recently who the Bride or Groom will wish to be remembered. It’s a good idea to check with the happy couple and the Groom’s parents when preparing your speech. The second is to toast the happy couple at the end of your speech.

Don’t Forget The Groom…. Or your wife!

There will be plenty you wish to say about and to your daughter but remember to include your new son-in-law in your speech and don’t be afraid to throw an occasional gag his way. Tried to avoid the obvious cliché “I haven’t lost a daughter I’ve gained a son.” its just dull. But most of all don’t forget to mention the bride’s mother (good tip, compliment her on how beautiful she is looking today) and what a great mother she has been. It’s a big day for her too.

It’s a massive occasion for your daughter but it’s also a wonderful day for you too so most of all take the time to enjoy the day yourself.

For more help and advice head to Simply Father Of The Bride

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