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Do You Need To Hire A Wedding Planner

When you first get engaged there is that initial excitement but then all those thoughts about how you are going to plan your wedding take over. Many brides and grooms decide to hire a wedding planner to help them organise their special day. Organising a wedding can be a stressfull affair, you need to get as many hands on board as possible. Whether they are friends, family or your husband to be. He's not just a pretty face.

Many people think a wedding planner is an added expense, but these professionals can save you money in the long term because they can often negotiate better rates with wedding vendors.

This article will present you with the pros and cons of hiring a wedding planner.

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What is your budget?
The 1st thing you have to consider is your budget. Is there room in your budget for a wedding planner? Remember, they could save you money in the long term and pay for themselves. A wedding planner charges for his or her service in a variety of ways. A flat fee, by the hour e.g. £20 to £30 per hour or a percentage of the wedding e.g. 10% to 20% of the total budget. Make sure you get all the costs and an agreed price up front, so you know where you stand.

Can you do it yourself, do you have the time?

Maybe you want to do it all yourself. I've know ordinary folk plan an entire wedding based in a field. Toilets, generators, catering e.t.c There is online software available to help plan your wedding but you are still going to need the time and patience to do it. There are always the little details that people forget or didn't think of. If you enjoy organising things then it could be for you, but write a list of all the possible things you think you are going to need for your wedding commencing with the task. Do your research, talk to other couples who have already had their big day. When you have succeeded there is no bigger feeling realising your dream wedding the way you wanted it. Organising a wedding takes a lot of time, if you don't have the time, a wedding planner may be the way to go,

Are you an organised well oiled machine?

Take a look around your house right now. Are you CD's in alphabetical order, DVD's ordered by genre. Dishwasher empty. Washing machine whirring with your 3rd load today. If this is you then you might love to plan your own wedding like a military operation. If this isn't you and would rather someone with more organisiational skills takes care of all the details, a planner might be the road ahead. It's not to say that you can't do it, you just don't want to.

Can you negotiate the best deals?
Do you like to haggle, do you thrive on getting the best deal by knocking a supplier down. Maybe you always thought you'd be an excellent candidate for the Apprentice. If you love to haggle then doing it for your wedding will give you an even bigger thrill. However. If you always pay the list price and find haggling uncouth then maybe hiring a wedding planner has its advantages. Remember, they could save you money in the long term.

Do you like organising a bit of a doo?
If you enjoy organising big parties and a get together, then you will feel right at home with a wedding as they are very similar things. After all a wedding is just a big party, but YOUR big party. Guest lists, head counts, caterers, invitation, food, locations e.t.c If the thought of this is already bringing you out in a cold sweat then maybe you should think twice.

Organising a wedding is no small feat. Many have done it and many will do it again. If you can't afford a wedding planner and you are going to do it yourself. Remember one thing. Organisation, Organisation, Organisation. Here's what we recommend.

  1. Talk To As Many People Who Have Planned Their Own Wedding First
  2. Think Of Everything You Are Going To Need Before You Start
  3. Think Of Everything You Are Going To Need AGAIN Before You Start
  4. Get Friends And Family On Board. Assign Different Tasks To Each
  5. Have A Go At Negotiating Prices. Don't Just Pay What Is Listed
  6. Start As Early As Possible. There Is No Time Like The Present.

Good Luck

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