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A wedding can be an expensive affair.  All those little things can soon start to add up into what seems like the debt for a small country. The good thing is, you can be more practical with your wedding day and trim the cost down in various ways.

Get Married Out Of Wedding Season
The cost of a wedding during the off season is significantly less than during those summer peak periods.  Venues are especially reduced during these times, so you could save yourself a boat load of money.  Does it really matter when you get married? You have to ask yourself that question.

DIY Wedding Photography
Depending on how important it is to have professional photos of your day.  A recent trend is to have disposable cameras on each table for the guests to take pictures. Capturing all the events around them.  You can make a point of asking them to do so and place them online when all the pictures are developed digitally.

Do you have a friend who is a photographer or enthusiast?.   Maybe they wouldn't mind taking a few snaps of you getting ready. Let them enjoy some bubbly at the same time and you may have a deal.   They can only say no.

Micro Manage The Guest List
Only invite those people that are the closet to you.  Family, friends.  This would lower the cost significantly and if you have a small wedding party you could further reduce the cost by holding your wedding at a smaller venue or even in the backyard of a friend, parents or the other half.   Small weddings can be very personal.

Shop Online
There are a huge amount of deals to be found online.  Bridal accessories, dresses.  You name it.  Make sure you shop around for the best deals and always try to negotiate where possible.

The Wedding Rings
If you have a tight budget you could consider white or yellow gold wedding rings instead of platinum or titanium.  These rings look just as good and at a fraction of the price.

Borrow Your Dress
Borrowing your dress is always an option too.  Maybe your mum, grandmother or friends, even friends mother.  Alterations might be a must but it is far cheaper than buying your own dress.  An authentic vintage wedding dress can look great on your day and nobody will know any different.

It's not all about how much you spend on your day.  Your wedding doesn't need to be expensive for it to be a memorable occasion.  If you are planning a budget wedding, it can be challenging and fun to see how little you can spend.  You just need a bit of imagination and creativity.
Wedding Photography Select - Articles

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