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Vintage Wedding Photography

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How do we feel about vintage wedding photography? There seems to be a growing trend for this form of photography and wedding photographers to specialise in this area.  Like everything in life, things change.  Wedding photography has changed so much over the years and vintage wedding photography is no different.  We've had :

Traditional Wedding Photography

Contemporary Wedding Photography

Documentary Wedding Photography

So what is vintage wedding photography? We are open to your comments so email away, but this is our take on the subject.  The first thing that it is, is all to do with the couple, their personality, their style, their interest in all things vintage.  That's what makes a vintage wedding.  Well.  Vintage.  

That's about it really.  

Secondary to this is the photography.  Now don't take this the wrong way, we love vintage wedding photography and vintage wedding photographers but we don't think it's a skill, it's not the actual photography itself that makes it vintage.  All photos are equal when they come out of the camera.  Well, not all.  Composition, exposure, lighting is what makes a good picture and the actual image itself play a huge part, but apart from that a wedding photo is a wedding photo.

The skill lies in the photographers ability to :

Place The Couple At Ease.
Posing the couple
No doubt a few more things we've missed.

What transforms a wedding photo into a vintage wedding photo is the process afterwards.  There is a secret recipe that you use to transform the image.  Not that secret and not all transformations are equal and some wedding photographers are better than others.  They use additional small adjustments to bring out the best in each image.  Look to the painters for some hints and tips.

All photographers should be able to shoot a vintage style wedding for all of the above reasons.  To summarise, it's got nothing to do with the photographer, only the couple themselves and the post process.  The only issue is, how do you start shooting vintage wedding photography if you don't have images to display in your gallery.  The only way we see that as possible is if a couple approach you having already liked your images and request that slight vintage twist. Just because a photographer has never shot a vintage wedding, if he can shoot a wedding, he can shoot vintage.

As we said.  We love vintage wedding photography, if you disagree with what we say, drop us an email, we'll include your thoughts and we'll fight our corner until you agree we are right.

Tune in for the next article when we slate documentary wedding photographers.  Only joking, but keep your eyes peeled for the article.


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