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Interview With Jeff Ascough

Jeff Ascough is a renowned wedding photographer. One of the first photographers to introduce a documentary style and the first UK photographer voted one of the top ten wedding photographers by American Photo magazine. He has over 20 years of experience and has shot over 1000 weddings to date. Capturing those decisive moments, this is one wedding photographer you want to pay attention too.

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Did you study photography?
I had some formal training in the form of a City and Guilds course; I also had some very good mentors. I recieved a good grounding in a documentary style of work. I also learnt a great deal from working in a dark room.

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How did you get started in wedding photography?
My parents had a wedding and portrait business back in the day. I wasn't enjoying my job and had thought about going back to university when they asked me to give photography a go. At first I wasn't really interested and had other plans, but here I am today, 20 years later.

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What do you think makes a good wedding photographer?
Finding your own wedding photography style / voice is very important and having a good understanding of light and rhythm of a photograph. Having a good website is also essential.

Could you describe your wedding photography style?
I would say it's unobtrusive, photo-journalistic and slightly voyeuristic.

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How many weddings do you shoot a year?
Around 40 weddings.

How many images do you take during a typical wedding?
I take around 700 images or more; I end up delivering 150 to 200 images to the couple.

Is Photoshop and important part of your workflow?
Yes. It's an essential part. Every image will end up in Photoshop at some point, my post work is very similar to what a photographer would do in the darkroom. I always try to maintain a film like feel and quality with every image I produce.

You are known for using natural light, is this always the case or do you ever revert to flash?
I always try to use natural light to capture the images, it all depends on how much movement occurs in the shot at the settings dialed in to the camera. I will use a combination of shutter speeds, ISO levels and apertures to get the shot I need. If I really have to, I'll use flash to freeze movement or do add enough light to the image. In the summer months, I rarely use it

What do find most challenging about wedding photography?
I would say trying to do something different and not remaining static. The challenge for me is getting better and more interesting images each time. If after a wedding shoot I can upload more creative images, I feel I've achieved what I set out to do.

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How do you keep yourself motivated?
Well. My livelihood depends on it, but I am a competitive and driven person and try to maintan high standards. I am always determined to take better images each year. In today's market place, you have to stay ahead of the game, so you have to be motivated.

Finally. Any advice for wedding photographers in the business or just starting out?
Wedding photography is a hard job. Be prepared for frustration, highs and lows and lows and putting in a lot of sweat and tears. What you should also be looking to do is produce consistent photographs. You will need to produce consistent images with each wedding you shoot.


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