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How To Shoot A Wedding

how to shoot a wedding | scared

Are you ready to be a wedding photographer?

This article will ask you some of those questions you need to ask yourself before entering into the world of wedding photography. The things you will need and the things you must have.

Wedding Photography - The Pros

You will be working for yourself.
You will be working from home.
You will get satisfaction from many happy couples.
You will get 30% of the year off.
You are building a name and a business, even a brand.

Wedding Photography - The Cons

You will be working hard.
You have to do your own taxes
You will be working all week for 70% of the year and weekends.
You will be under a lot of pressure to deliver.

Wedding Photography - The Reality

Wedding photography is a FULL time job and you will probably be working harder than you think. From generating business to delivering images and doing your own taxes. Its not just shooting a wedding on the weekend and it all ends there. It's not a job to enter into lightly, but if you succeed, many don't, there are plenty of rewards to be found

So are you ready to shoot your 1st wedding?

All over the Internet you will find photographers and enthusiasts asking how to shoot a wedding. They were asked to shoot someones wedding because they own a fancy looking camera, took some great pictures once or aunty Jessica asked them to because the couple are on a budget. This isn't to say they wouldn't be any good, but wedding photography is a completely separate form of photography and you need to be prepared before entering into it.

How To Shoot A Wedding - Part 2


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