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How To Choose Your Wedding Dress

How To Choose Your Wedding Dress

Well. The day you have been waiting for is on the horizon, you've so many things to do, but we can guarentee that something you're really looking for is choosing your wedding dress and walking down the aisle with all eyes on you. No. Well, you still need to choose your wedding dress and we are here to help. Most brides will already have a rough idea of the dress they want, all that is needed now is to find it.

Even if you have a dress in mind, you will still need to make sure it suits you, you feel comfortable in it and it suits the type of wedding you're having. You may have had your dressed planned for a very long time and you think you know what you want, but after several fittings you it's also possible to fall in love with another dress you never even thought you would. The type of wedding you had set your sights on may have also changed. It could now be a vintage wedding, a themed wedding or a beach wedding and the type of dress you originally thought you would be swooshing round the dance floor in is no longer an option. It's a good idea to find your perfect wedding dress very early on in the planning stage, this way, if your dress doesn't suit the rest of the wedding, there is time to change it and avoid any unecessary stress..

The type of wedding dress to choose is all dependant on your body shape. There will be dresses that you love that just don't sit right making you look like uncle Fester. Try on as many different dresses as you can, make a day of it. You may be suprised at some dresses that on first appearances you wouldn't be seen dead it. You will need to take note of wedding dresses that flatter you, enhances your best features and dare we say it hides some of bits you don't really want on show.

Make a day of it. Take your mum, your sister, the bloke down the street and get as many opinions as you can. If your mum is in tears with the sight of you in bright virgin white, but your not feeling it, then your just not feeling it. You are going to need honest opinions, the last thing you are going to want is to look like mutton dressed like lamb or lamb like mutton, you choose. Take your time, enjoy the day. Remember. You will be spending a lot of time in your wedding dress. It needs to be comfortable and practical at the same time. You are also going to want to look like the elegant lady that you are.

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